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The Psycho-Spiritual Institute (PSI) was established in 2012 by the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, in collaboration with Missio Aachen, with the aim of training and graduating experts in

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The total course fee (Tuition, Accommodation and Feeding) is 12,000 US Dollars per annum. However for

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Toni Goertz Introducing PSI


Graduates of our two-year programme would be equipped to facilitate healing and give counseling support to pastoral agents and others suffering from depression, trauma, confusion, burn-out, mid-life crisis, addiction, sexual abuse, and crisis on account of sudden loses or life transitions. Apart from serving as Therapists for those in distress, graduates of the P.S.I. programme would be a useful resource in Seminaries, Formation Houses and Vocation Committees of Dioceses and Religious Congregations.


The overall vision is to bring spiritual healing, personality integration and peace to those in difficult life situations, as well as foster enhanced self-awareness and ongoing personal growth and transformation among pastoral agents and the entire Christian faithful.


The first Training Centre of the Psycho-Spiritual Institute is located at the Marist International University in the Karen area of Nairobi, Kenya.


Admission is open to candidates with a minimum of First Degree in the Psychological Sciences. Candidates with no background in Psychology, but with a good degree in any of the Sacred or Social Sciences may however be considered for admission - with the understanding that in the course of the two year programme, they will pay for and undergo each Summer time a six weeks’ “Bridging Course” that has been designed to make up for the shortfall.

PSI provides for two broad categories of students: Residential and Non-Residential. The former refers to in-campus students who pay for tuition as well as room and board, while the latter refers to off-campus students who find themselves their own accommodation within Nairobi and pay only tuition fees and other minor charges. This is however very stressful for the candidates as the course is designed to be full-time, and fully engaging!

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Recently, the Marists Brothers came together in Karen, Nairobi to celebrate from many parts of the world. Marists students presented cultural displays to emphasize their diversity and unity of purpose. Various individuals, groups and institutions who partner with them were on hand to celebrate with the Brothers. Amongst the institutions is PSI. In recognition of the partnership, a symbolic gesture of tree planting marked the day, a sacred joyful work of re-creation, life, growth, unity of purpose that is heaven-bound.


Missio’s Visit in May


Faculty members (and some on Practicum), some students of PSI welcome Msgr Dr. Klaus Kramer (President, missio) and Frank Kraus (International Services, missio) at the PSI hostel (Basilio Fraternity), Nairobi, Kenya.

Fr Ehusani on PSI


Drawing from the best of the Christian spiritual tradition, and using up-to-date psychotherapeutic tools, approaches and methodologies for healing troubled minds, and taking into cognizance the peculiar African historical, religious and sociological context, PSI offers high quality professional training in an environment of faith and Christian devotion, for those who wish to function as Psycho-Spiritual Therapists and Christian Counsellors in various ecclesiastical jurisdictions and institutions across English speaking Africa. Towards this end, top level experts in Psychotherapy, Christian Anthropology and Christian Spirituality are being sourced from various institutions within and outside Africa to bring their training and practical exposure to bear on the Psycho-Spiritual Therapy training programme. Above all, the training dynamics at PSI places a lot of premium on personal spiritual growth and wholesome personality integration and transformation.

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Father George Ehusani (right), the Executive Director of the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, Revd Professor Patrick Isichie (middle) member, Board of Trustees and Father Dominic Adeiza, Programs Director, paid a courtesy call to the Director of Academic Linkages, Revd Professor Peter I. Gichure of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), Nairobi, Kenya.

PSI students danced along with the Marist brothers



Frank Kraus (International Services, missio), Msgr Dr. Klaus Kramer (President, missio), Fr. John Masayi (PSI) and Brother Lawrence, Superior of the Marist at the PSI hostel (Basilio Fraternity), Nairobi, Kenya.