The Psycho-Spiritual Institute (PSI) was established in 2012 by the Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, in collaboration with Missio Aachen, with the aim of training and graduating experts in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Christian Counseling for English-Speaking African Countries. The emergence of the Institute is a response to what many have identified as an urgent need to offer professional psychological and spiritual care to the increasing number of clerical, religious and lay pastoral agents who now and again find themselves in difficult life situations of an emotional and psychological nature, but who often do not find adequate support. Many in the past have ended up with professional psychotherapists who are not grounded in, or do not share in the theological and spiritual traditions of the sufferer, and so could not offer holistic support for the required healing process. Others have ended up with deeply spiritual counselors, who however are not conversant with such modern skills and approaches in Psychotherapy, that when combined with their spiritual tools, would have more easily facilitated healing for the sufferer