sisterOgoI teach Spirituality and Spiritual Direction. Teaching the two courses give me joy because they give me opportunity to engage in both spiritual and human formation and development of the students. It is my interest, joy, passion and energy to look forward to the growth and development of the students. The teaching is an opportunity for me to make a difference in the lives of the students who are benefitting from my knowledge, experience and commitment. It is indeed a gratifying experience for me.

It is also a challenge and learning experience for me as it is an opportunity for me to equally learn from the students and to remain humble and open to my own continued growth and development. My experience is that the teaching offers me a new chance towards my own maturity and integration as a person. It is an opportunity to cooperate with God in recreating us all. It is also a great challenge to me when I feel not appreciated for my efforts and self-gifts. Another experience of challenge is that of having to cope with the difficulties associated with a new beginning. I see my experiences as great gifts to which I am grateful. Though I experience benefits from the opportunity to teach towards student’s formation and development, all is not about what I feel or what I benefit but it is all about the students and what they receive in the process to the glory of God. This is my energy and passion.