Summer Integrative Participants


The P.S.I. course has a duration of two years, including a period of supervised practical experience in psycho-spiritual therapy. The programme is designed to culminate in the award of a Master’s degree in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy for those candidates who desire a university degree. There is however provision for candidates who do not desire a university degree at the end of the programme of study. Such candidates will be exempted from writing the final comprehensive examinations and the Thesis, but not the ongoing evaluation and assessments that are an integral part of the course programme. Negotiations are nearing completion for the formal accreditation of the Institute’s course of study with the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Among the courses to be offered in the Psycho-Spiritual Institute are:Students (15)

1. Stages of Human Growth and Development
2. Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy
3. Personality Theories in Psychology
4. Introduction to Basic Skills in Counselling
5. Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
6. African Cultural Dynamics in Counselling
7. Growth Group Theories and Practice
8. Behaviour Modification Theories and Techniques
9. Trauma Healing Theories and Practice
10. Addiction and Grace
11. Phases of Spiritual Development
12. Spirituality and the Process of Becoming Human
13. Spirituality and Addiction
14. Spirituality and Transcendence
15. Spirituality of Suffering and Ultimate Meaning
16. The Church’s Ministry of Healing
17. Christian Prayer: Forms and Dimensions
18. Spiritual Direction: Models & Techniques
19. Spirituality and Psychotherapy – an integrated approach
20. Viktor Frankl’s Psychotherapy in Spiritual Terms
21. Happiness – a psycho-spiritual approach
22. Human Sexuality: A psycho-spiritual approach
23. Professional Ethics for Psycho-Spiritual Therapists
24. Cross-Cultural Issues in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy
25. Research Methodology
26. Practicum in Psycho-Spiritual Counselling