The Courses


The Institute offers the following programmes:

Master's Degree in Psycho-Spiritual Therapy.

This is a two-year intensive course that combines academics with spiritual growth and transformation. Upon successfully completing the course programme and the required practical experience, candidates will be awarded a Master’s degree by the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Such graduates will be equipped to facilitate healing and give counseling support to pastoral agents and the generality of Christian faithful suffering from depression, trauma, confusion, burn-out, mid-life crisis, addiction, sexual abuse, and crisis on account of sudden loses or life transitions. They could also serve as Counselors and Spiritual Directors in Catholic Institutions and Formation Houses.

There is room for those who choose to simply “audit” the two-year course without Master’s degree.

Sabbatical Programme

This is a 9 months self-discovery and spiritual renewal programme for those who have been in ministry or religious life for 20 years or over. While acquiring basic skills in Psycho-Spiritual counseling, the programme aims principally at the renewal and transformation of the candidate himself or herself. It combines a few structured courses with psychological and spiritual programmes aimed at achieving healing, growth and ongoing transformation.

Summer Intergrative Course

This is a 6 weeks intensive programme during the Summer holidays that exposes candidates to the fundamentals of Psychology and basic concepts, tools and approaches to Psycho-Spiritual healing, growth, and transformation, as well as Counselling techniques, in a peaceful and prayerful environment. (See website for more details).

Student's Hanbook

Our academic programs are designed to enable every student feel a sense of welcome, inclusion and develop a positive self-growth awareness during the course of studies. Click the link below for basic information to orient yourself on guidelines, rules and regulations to help you settle in. It may also help to answer some questions about specific areas of the program. The handbook provides some basic information about living in Kenya and about the MIC campus. It covers in some detail the history of PSI, its vision, mission and goal, the academic and disciplinary rules, and the policies and ethics guiding general life and relationships that apply to everyone in the PSI community. You will read about the courses offered in PSI and the importance we place on self-processing, leading to personal spiritual integration and growth

Academic Hanbook

The Psycho-Spiritual programme is designed to offer opportunities for growth in knowledge, understanding and mastery (in a fully integrated manner), of the theories, techniques and practices that make up the best of Counselling Psychology and Christian Spiritual Direction. This is aimed at achieving ongoing healing, growth, transformation and wholesome personality integration. Thus in pursuing learning and research, the Psycho-Spiritual Therapy programme will constantly approach the human person as an integral whole – spiritual, psychological, social, moral, - and not in separate compartments. The result we believe will be more fully integrated persons, equipped to live out their faith in a healthy manne