Admission Requirements

Admission for the Master’s degree course is open to Clergy, Religious and the Lay faithful with a minimum of 1st Degree in the Psychological Sciences. Candidates with no background in Psychology, but with a good degree in any of the Sacred or Social Sciences may however be considered for admission - with the understanding that in the course of the two year programme, they will pay for and undergo each Summer time a six weeks’ “Bridging Course” that has been designed to make up for the shortfall. PSI provides for two broad categories of students: Residential and Non-Residential. The former refers to in-campus students who pay for tuition as well as room and board, while the latter refers to off-campus students who find themselves their own accommodation within Nairobi and pay only tuition fees and other minor charges. This is however very stressful for the candidates as the course is designed to be full-time, and fully engaging!